Thinking about you, Fragonard

Thinking about you, Fragonard

**50% of proceeds will go to Feeding Southwest Virginia**


**$15 of this sale will be donated directly to our local food bank**


6" x 9" paper collage 


This past winter I have become a bit obsessed with cutting shapes out of paper and making colorful, minimal collages that to me comment on how forms interact in space.While making this I had been thinking about making a painting where a young woman - like me! - was lounging up against a tree, with flowers all around her on the ground, on her lap, surrounding the tree. And then that daydream reminded me of Fragonard's paintings of young girls in fluffy dresses, playing outside. So these were the things I was thinking about while choosing these colors and cutting out these shapes! 




Original Painting by Maggie Perrin-Key

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