Grey Study 2

25% of this sale will go to a Black-led and centered organization or Black individuals. At the end of the month I will send out an email to my subscribers with the receipt showing where the previous month’s donations went.


12" x 16" oil painting on wood panel 


People who are familiar with my work and process know this, but in case you don't - I typically save all the rags I use to clean and wipe off my brushes. I think they're great sources for shapes and compositions, so a large part of my work is  paintings based off my paint rags. This one in particular is a study of a rag in monochromatic greyscale (the actual rag has lots of red, pinks, yellow and browns!) But I wanted to practice focusing on the values with this one!



Original Painting by Maggie Perrin-Key

Exclusive of Design 


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